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Are you interested in writing? If you have a topic that can keep reader’s eyes glued to their screen, then you’re at the right place. IAMMYINSPIRATION welcomes all writers to write a guest post for this blog.

What IAMMYINSPIRATION looks for in Guest Blog Posts?

  • A good catchy headline.
  • Engaging content for our readers with 800-1000 words.
  • Images where possible and which are copyright free.
  • Please focus on posts related to Inspiration, Success and Failure, Time management, Self development and other related categories.
  • Please ensure that you are providing readers with a well-thought post with valuable and practical advice.
  • If you make a claim or are writing a facts article, make sure to back it up with links to the source of research or case studies or statistics that confirm.
  • Send your posts in Word document or share it through Google Docs.
  • Divide your post into readable paragraphs. Emphasize your main and sub-headings by making them bold. Your post must have an appealing intro and a powerful conclusion which will encourage readers to comment.
  • Please provide a short bio of yourself which should include your 1 photo, 1 link to your blog/website (if you have) and 2 other links to your social media accounts.

 What IAMMYINSPIRATION doesn’t publish?

  • No promotional articles or sponsored posts. Strictly no advertising posts.
  • IAMMYINSPIRATION does not post articles that have been already published on other sites. Please write original content only.
  • Do not use info-graphics produced by other companies.


  • IAMMYINSPIRATION reserves the right to make any edits to your post. Mostly these will be just for grammar and flow. If there are any major improvements required, then it will be sent back to you for editing.

When will you publish my post?

  • Mostly posts on IAMMYINSPIRATION are scheduled for the entire month. Once you’ve sent your final post over to us, it will be anywhere from 2-5 weeks before it gets published. Before your post is published, a reminder mail will be sent to you so you can be ready to promote the post and answer any comments.

Important Notes:

  • IAMMYINSPIRATION doesn’t pay for guest post writing.
  • You cannot re-post your article on your own site or any other site (even after re-framing it).
  • IAMMYINSPIRATION reserves the right to reject guest post submissions that do not fit our categories.

Please keep these points in mind when drafting your guest post article. Guest posting is a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out. If your post meets all the above guidelines, then I will share it on all my social media accounts.

Please submit your guest post to  and I’ll get back to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask during the process. Can’t wait to connect with some amazing writers. Come on, drop in your articles and get featured here!