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10 best ways to spend your free time

When I say “Free Time”, some will react, “Free Time, ehh, what’s that? I will sleep when I’m dead. Right now, it’s work time. HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE!” And, some others will react, “Free Time, yeah sure, let’s chill out. What’s your Netflix username and password?” Some are so preoccupied while

25 Free Time Activity Ideas

Not many people have the luxury for leisure time but if you’re struggling to look for ideas to spend your free time? Here’s my list of 25 free time activity ideas catering to almost everyone’s time- Check out your favorite blogs. Backup your photos/files. Try gardening. Take up painting or

How to unlock your power to succeed?

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Can you define your future? Can you control your life? Watch this video to know how to unlock your power to succeed.   Thanks for watching and remember to do something each day which makes you happy. Let me know in the comments

Learn How To Unlock Your Power To Succeed

I know we live in a time where mankind is primarily divided into 2 groups- Marvel and DC. :lol: But do you all know- Who was the most powerful man in the Universe during the 1980s? It was, He-Man- the superhero with exceptional strength. When the bad guys attacked, he

Why do we need challenges in our lives?

If I ask you all, give me some examples of real life challenges, I will immediately get numerous comments by the high intellectuals with big names like- Climate change, large-scale wars, religious conflicts, unemployment, lack of education, poverty, conserving natural resources, nuclear security and many such other global problems. Alternatively,