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Why is lack of success considered as failure?

Why are your marks so less this semester? Why can’t you get a better job? Why did you not win the gold medal this time? You’re a flop. Underdog. Loser!!

Does it strike a chord? It is so easy to criticize someone rather than encourage them. But guess who’s the real loser here? – Yes, it’s the one calling you names, not YOU. Because you are still working, you are still trying, you’re still hustling. You’ve given your all and have done your best, but for the society or for your criticizers, you’ll never be good enough. I say, let them not define you. Do not measure your success to someone else’s expectations. What’s more important is that you keep progressing, moving on and learning from your mistakes.

Failure-When your best isn’t good enough.

  • Your child’s failure in studies or other activities does not define him/her.
  • The failure of a serious relationship doesn’t mean you’ll never have a meaningful relation with someone special in the future.
  • Your boss’s harsh words can hurt you but not undermine your self-worth.
  • Many people have to go with some trial and error to finally find the right career.

You’ve to be flexible. Have some goals? Then make serious plans to achieve them. Overcome your feeling of being rejected or being inadequate. It is just your state of mind, it is not who you are.

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.

2018 is here already. If you sit down and think how different you are today as compared to January 1, 2017, do you feel you’re in the same place and no major changes or developments happened that you’d hoped for? Well then, it’s time you push yourself to the next level. You cannot find yourself in the same place next year, as you are now.

Do you know, the wildly successful J.K. Rowling was once out of work and living in a tiny apartment with an infant daughter? During those desperate years she fell into heavy depression and thought she would never make it anywhere. But eventually, it was this failure, and the way in which she leveraged her experience, that established the starting point of her successful career. The mere thought of being in that situation again keeps her from never ending up there. For you, the fear of being in the same place next year should be the catalyst to drive you towards your ultimate goal.

  • Get over your inhibition about failing.
  • Start by making the necessary and determined choices.
  • Promise to yourself- no matter what it takes, I will keep pushing myself so that I don’t find myself in the same place on January 1, 2019.

It’s not failure, its unfinished success.

Failure is never a dead end unless we settle on it to make it final. You always gain something from a failure. When team members of big organizations sit down to find a new business idea or some trending marketing strategy, they do it extensively and plan it in much detail. But they also know at some point, their idea might fail in real time. But do you know the surprising secret that separates these high achievers from the rest of us? They fail. Yes, they fail more. But they don’t look at it as failure; and fight their way to make it work. It is called the gut feeling.

Nobody’s life sails smoothly or seamlessly. As Oprah Winfrey quotes- “I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process”. Successful people fail more because they keep on trying as long as it takes. Are you prepared to do the same?

Do you have a failure story? I want you to share your or someone else’s failure stories here and inspire everyone how you/they overcame that situation. Please share your short stories in the comments. Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

20 thoughts on “Why is lack of success considered as failure?

  1. One of my favorite movies is “Meet the Robinsons.” The movie taught that failure is a good thing. When someone failed they cheered because the person learned something new and tried hard.

    1. Yes, it is very important to fail, just to learn about success. In the race to achieve success, we often fail and take it as a major setback. If only more people would see the silver lining.

  2. Even if we “fail”, we should still take time to appreciate all the hard work we put into our endeavors. Great post!

    1. You’re absolutely right Nikita. Sometimes even though we give it our all, things don’t work out; maybe the situation is not right, maybe the timing is not right. But that should not be taken as a setback. We know how much effort we’ve put. So wipe your tears, praise yourself for working, and keep trying till you achieve your goal.

  3. I think “it’s not failure, it’s unfinished success” will be my new mantra! Thanks for this insightful post. It did give me a spike in motivation, thank you!

  4. Thanks for a great article! I believe we learn so many lessons for failure so I found to always embrace it and learn from it! A great quote that applies well from Batman, “why do we fall sir? we fall to learn to get back up”.

  5. I am a drug and alcohol worker and support people with substance misuse issues. I found this post extremely useful in relation to my clients. Any small change can be a success or an achievement and failure can definitely push people to do better!

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