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Learn How To Unlock Your Power To Succeed

I know we live in a time where mankind is primarily divided into 2 groups- Marvel and DC. 😆 But do you all know- Who was the most powerful man in the Universe during the 1980s? It was, He-Man- the superhero with exceptional strength. When the bad guys attacked, he used to yell out this quote- “By the power of Grayskull… I HAVE THE POWER!

I was just randomly browsing the internet, saw a video and I suddenly got these nostalgic memories about my childhood days, watching cartoon all day long during school vacations. Fast forward to being an adult now, I realize that, YES- I DO HAVE THE POWER! No, not the superhero powers (although I wish to have one someday). I’m talking about my power to define my future, control my life.

Have you ever thought what goes in the mind of a strong negotiator? Of course they’re rational and calculating all the figures in their head, but the first step of their plan is, “I’m going to win this deal”; and hence follows their strategy to make the client say- “I agree”. Whether you’re playing the midfielder or attacker in your football team, or going to ask that guy out whom you’ve been drooling over for the past few months or participating in a contest- All you need is a winning mindset. Control your mind or it controls you. Your mind is so powerful- it can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven!

The first time I sat on a speed boat- I was scared as a baby bird ready for its first flight (1. I don’t know swimming. 2. It’s really embarrassing to fall.).  🙄 I kept telling myself- “I can do this.” Mind over matter. Once the ride started, I felt that electrifying energy running inside me. It was a foggy weather with on and off drizzle sometimes, which made my first speedboat experience even more unforgettable.

While this isn’t an inspiring example, I learnt an important lesson that day, and that is- no matter what your circumstances are, what situation you’re in, always strengthen your willpower. Encourage yourself that you can do it and you’ll get through it.  Once you build this mindset, I’m sure you can face any challenge in life.

Does time wait for anyone? No, right? But do you know you can slow down time. Want to know how?

By intensifying the quality of your life. Yes, that’s all you have to do. While everyone’s chilling, jetting off to a long planned vacay, enjoying a birthday bash or simply doing Netflix and chill; you keep practicing for perfection, keep pushing your limits. If you want to transform your life; if you want your life to be different, then you have to do something different first. Don’t hit that snooze button. Instead, be an early bird. Hustle in the first hour and you’ll see yourself taking maximum efforts to have a productive day, every day.

Once you have this strong determination, your boundaries are expanded to be limitless. You’ll have this extraordinary source of energy inside you which will keep you agile on any work you set your mind to. Make self determination the theme of your life.

Let me give you a BIG reminder for every single day-

“You are not only the hero of your life but also the director and the screenwriter.”

Yes, you’re the only one who can give purpose and set a direction to your life. The future is full of bumper opportunities. All you need to do is unlock yourself from the chains of fear and believe in yourself. Believe in your self- confidence more. Believe in yourself when nobody else does. You have massive potential inside you. Dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. Trust yourself. Always remember that – You are the creator of your life. Check out my 3 tips to become the best version of yourself.

You may sometimes feel like your life is all unsorted. Nothing’s going as per your plans or what you had in mind. Here’s my quick tip to get to at least somewhere you want to be-

  • Have a goal in mind
  • Break it into milestones
  • Achieve your goal, one step at a time

Believe me; these small achievements will make a huge change to your purpose of life. You will genuinely feel happy because obviously success makes you happy, right? You’ll have an absolute sense of contentment.

I’m sure most of us would have determined to stick to this year’s resolution. How’s that going, buddy? Are you close to reaching your 2018 goals? Well, it’s not too late if you haven’t. Here’s what I want you to do every night before going to sleep- note down your 5 small/big wins for the day. Doing so will not only make you feel good about yourself but also keep you encouraged to add more wins for the next day.

Simply trust yourself. Everything that you’re looking for is cached deep within you. Learn to use your strengths and channel them in the direction of success.

Let me know in the comments what baby steps are you taking to reach your goal? Are you updating your small/big wins on the scoreboard? Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

36 thoughts on “Learn How To Unlock Your Power To Succeed

  1. It true goal is very necessary, but I believe in putting effort and is in our hand results do vary as per the situation, but our efforts should be sincere.

  2. One of my goals that I’m taking baby steps in is becoming an influential blogger who people whould seek advice and help from.

    You can be that person too seems, like it. 😉

    1. Yes Omar, I want to be a strong influencer who brings out the best in people. All the best in your journey.

    1. I just hope my message reaches everyone. And that, everyone is motivated to do their best as I truly believe that each one of us has great amount of potential within us.

  3. Such an amazing blog with so much motivation, self-belief is so much important in our lives. We can easily achieve our goals if we believe in our own calibre. Thank you so much for writing this up and sharing with us.

    1. Great to know that this post helped you. Do checkout my other inspiring posts to keep you motivated all the time.

  4. very motivational 🙂 love what you said that in order to have a different life we have to be willing to do something different. challenging ourselves is a great way to success 😀

  5. Wow! I loved this post right from the start since I was a massive he-man and she-ra fan when I was a kid😂. Great motivational post! I will be checking out some of your others right now!

    1. Always good to hear from readers like you. Thank you very much Melissa. Keep reading and be inspired.

  6. In today’s modern world. We really need to have self-motivation and inspiration to handle all types of situations. Loved your quotes. Keep motivating people.

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