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I really admire the life of Bears- they have this luxurious life of skipping the cold weather and sleeping cozily in their dens (for a few months, of course). How I wish our life was that easy- work when you feel like, then take a lonnngggg break and go on a vacation, and again work. We often start doing something which is exciting at first, and it’s not long before you realize that you want something else. The initial joy, enthusiasm fades away. People go to the gym and say my weight hasn’t reduced/gained a bit. 😡 DUDE!! You’ve to go daily and train like a beast; how can you expect to see results if you only go 3-4 days a week or go when you feel like? Similarly, many bloggers give up saying they are not getting enough readers. My humble advice- DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep posting on a regular basis, and you’ll see the outcome.

Do you think the great pyramids were built in a day? or Did the workers of Burj Khalifa think- we’ve almost reached till Petronas Tower level, let’s take it easy and finish the rest after a few years. NO!! They set some milestones and toiled endlessly to reach their goal, thus presenting before the world, one of the astounding architectural structures.

Watching the Olympic athletes is so inspiring and beyond words. Ever wondered how much time they spend in the gym day after day training strictly? I’ve always admired people who practice martial arts. They have so much control over their emotions, impulses and behavior; so firm and disciplined! They undergo non-stop training, continue to learn new techniques and sharpen their skills; and in the long run become a martial arts expert. Even the acknowledged masters practice this persistently. Remember-

There is no elevator to success. You’ve to take the stairs.

You’ve got limited amount of time in your day and you have a list of goals; for e.g. -start writing a book, run a marathon, do a parachute drop. PHEW!! 😮 Well then, stop giving excuses like – I don’t have time for this now; I’m sooo tired, I just want to sleep. It’s as good as saying- I don’t want to do this. If it’s genuinely so important to you then you’ll make time for it. Prioritize your bucket list, mark them as urgent and give them a deadline so that you finish them soon; and have a new to-do list again. Build-up a daily plan to work more efficiently. Stay productive!

These are my tips to achieve anything in life-

  •   Always remember why you started.
  •   Keep yourself reminding constantly about your task.
  •   Give yourself some rewards for reaching milestones.
  •   Publicize your task, so that you have to achieve it by hook or by crook, before you hit the deadline.

 If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way.

I want to know what difficult situations you’ve faced and made it up to this day. What is your piece of advice for achieving success? Please share your short stories in the comments. Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

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