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3 tips to help you become the Best Version Of Yourself

Everybody at one point in life has to ask himself this question: “Who am I?”. Have you ever asked yourself to know who you really are? 😮 The answer to this question when it is really from the heart and as straightforward as a ruler, determines how successful a person can ever be in life. Hence, the inevitability of this sagacious query.

Every human that has a life also has a purpose. “Like the parts of an efficient machine, which all are entirely where they are for a reason, even to the tiniest bolt or nut, every human has a purpose.” There is a reason for your existence. It doesn’t matter whether it was predestined or it came about as a matter of unprecedented consequences, your life has a purpose.

What is the Purpose of My Life?

A machine builder takes note of all the parts of his engine and makes sure each one is at the right place and doing the thing. Although this is not the same with humans. Human life is more complicated than the product of any mechanical advantage or velocity ratio. Yet, we must find our purpose.

People who have found their purpose have grown through three stages in life. Everyone must grow through these stages but it is expedited in the case of people who know their purpose in life than those who do not.

Stage 1: Experience life by knowing who you are.

You must first of all “Know thy self”. By knowing your ideal self, you know what you have and what you don’t. Know those things that bring you joy. Look around and see what kind of person you are in contrast to every other person around you. Experience life.

Eighty percent of success is showing up- Woody Allen.

Imagine that Steve Jobs had not dropped out of college and continued his formal education, even though he didn’t like it. Would he have made it to become the most successful tech titan?
What if Michael Jordan thought that since his friends love Rugby, he should play football! What a catastrophe that would’ve been! But he knew he was loving the bounce of the ball, the jump and the… DUNK!

Simply ask yourself “am I really doing all I have the power to do? Why am I doing this? Is it to please anyone or I am excited about the thought of it?”. If you’re not excited thinking of what you are doing, it is not your purpose. Know that you have weaknesses. Everybody has. Never fret on whatever it is you cannot do.

Stage 2: Ignite your passion by understanding everyone else and how different you are.

You must “Love thy neighbor”. The love you have for everything around you, nature, siblings, parents, spouse, classmates, etc. is a morale booster, and also a catalyst to being the best version of yourself.

Knowing your neighbor also means never trying to be like them. The only person that you can ever be perfect at being is you. Trying to hide behind someone else’s mask is futile. You would get nowhere with it.

The only person you’re destined to become is the person you decide to become –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Know that you can and should never try to please anyone because you shall always fail! Know what you can do and ignite your passion. Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything. The only person that can bring you down is you. Never underestimate yourself. If you ever think you can never do it, then by all means do it to prove yourself right.

Stage 3: Evolve and improve yourself.

You cannot remain there. No matter how good you think you have gotten, there are billions of people in the world who are currently getting ahead. Would you wait there? No! Stand, get up and go! You just have to prove to the world that you have something consistent to give. Create something, evolve, and improve every day. Know that you can never figure everything out.

Compete with yourself, and beat your previous high score!

Knowing how to grow through these three exasperatingly rapid life stages can make you the best version of yourself. Who have you decided to become? You are the best version of yourself. It is in your hands.

Do you seize every opportunity and start working with your full potential? What are you doing today to be better than yesterday? Are you taking care of your work-life balance? Are you taking care of your relationships? Are you taking care of yourself, your health?

What’s your vision of recognizing yourself? Please share your advice/ feedback/tips in the comments. Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

9 thoughts on “3 tips to help you become the Best Version Of Yourself

  1. Recognizing your true self very well is the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself. The more exactly a person knows his ideal self, the easier he will get there. Taking outstanding care of your mind is extremely important for becoming the best version of yourself. Without being a lifelong learner, you can’t develop your competences. You have to keep yourself emotionally motivated and for that, you have to make peace with your past- and practice living in the present moment.

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