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Why do we need challenges in our lives?

If I ask you all, give me some examples of real life challenges, I will immediately get numerous comments by the high intellectuals with big names like- Climate change, large-scale wars, religious conflicts, unemployment, lack of education, poverty, conserving natural resources, nuclear security and many such other global problems. Alternatively, I will also get responses from the internet addicts, like the ice bucket challenge or flip water bottle or the mannequin challenge. 😛

But today, I’m not going to be discussing about any of these challenges. Let’s talk about the challenges you face in your daily life. Let’s say, anxiety, managing financial resources, your health and fitness goals, overcoming fear- fear of failure, fear of society… Alright hold on, these are very complex issues. 😥 Let’s focus on some simple ones- How to avoid the staff in the departmental store and buy something? Typing without cursing the autocorrect; when to push and when to pull? No wait, I was thinking about the loads in the gym, what did you think? Hold on, I’m drifting again. 😉

How about getting your child to do more physical activities? How about finishing reading that book which you bought two decades ago? Walking for 20 minutes longer, taking out time and investing it to do your hobby, smiling often- yes, it is important and challenging!

Everyone has a different way of life, different problems, different issues and hence, different solutions. But that’s what makes our lives so interesting- with all the unique situations we face. You see, whenever I face any difficulty; I think through what I can do about it, while carrying a positive attitude all the way until I get over the problem. And that is how you will make your life worthy.

Let the challenges come in your path; because that’s when you will realize your true strength, you’ll realize your potential to push yourself and go beyond your limits to achieve something. You have a goal? Then for sure, you will have to make many sacrifices. You have a dream? Then undoubtedly, you will face challenges. Obstacles will come in your way to dishearten you, to bring down your confidence. You may even doubt your mere existence and the reason why you are doing this. But that’s the job of problems- to take over you. Don’t let them do their task. Don’t give in. Fight back. Struggle more. Work harder; and when you overpower your challenges, you will realize that YES, I can do so much, I got skills! I have the control to build my own future.

Besides, how do you ever expect to make progress without facing any difficulties or sufferings? Alright, quick question- How do you grow as a person? It is not a one day change, right? There’s no magic wand which you will wave once and turn your entire life around! When you look back into your life, you realize that all those bitter and sweet experiences, tense and happy situations, all of that make you who you are today. Of course, you have struggled a lot to be where you are. But, so does a mayfly. Did you know that a mayfly waits for almost a year for its birth? And did you also know that they barely survive for not more than 24 hours? Real struggle, you see? 😮

I’m just saying that while you’re wondering about your job, your business, your marriage and what not; there are people doing way better than you and facing more challenges than you. You may think that you’ve seen a lot in your life over all these years. But your growth is not going to stop here. You still have a lot more to learn, a lot more to experience, a lot more to change. So why not, accept and face life like a fearless warrior?

Why not try to become like a Samurai, using two swords at once and defeating all life’s difficulties? 😎 Alright, that’s a little too much, but hey, somewhere inside we all are fighters, right? At least mentally, we can fight through our doubts, fears, and challenges and evolve as the undefeated hero of our own life.

I’m not asserting here that – oh you’ve enough motivation! Now go and do your job. I know it’s not easy- not even as easy as texting your ex. 😉 I’m talking about major life decisions such as- coming out as bisexual, making the right impression in a job interview, moving to a new city, getting married, having kids, looking for a missing semicolon even after two days of searching through your own code, or even the simplest one- entering high school on your first day as “the new kid”. 😎

These are only few of the many challenges that people face at some point in their life, except- these are the expected ones. But, life is very difficult at times. It will throw unexpected problems at the most inconvenient time. Problems which will make you panic, nervous, make you shake like a leaf. But in that moment, if you just gather up a tiny grain of courage and face them, they will no longer be the dreadful challenges that you were so scared of. If you just deal with your problems instead of running away from them, you’ll feel so liberated and confident. You’ll be this new bold and fearless person. You will give yourself a chance to be successful. So stop feeding your mind with negative thoughts and start reminding yourself that victory is waiting for you if you simply accept that there is a problem and face it. And believe me, there’s no better feeling than achieving something. You feel so strong and ecstatic.

Don’t give up on your dreams or goals because of a few challenges in your way. If you want to feel that intense happiness of success, then gather all of your strength and courage, and go after your dreams.

Here’s a short video to summarize everything you just read-

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to go through in your life? What did you learn from it that you could pass on to someone else? Please share your short stories in the comments. Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

14 thoughts on “Why do we need challenges in our lives?

  1. These are some great tips. The hardest thing I’ve done in my life was climbing Kilimanjaro for a charity. I only made it to the top by sheer determination (and some very patient guides). I really felt like I needed to complete it and that’s how we should face even small challenges like making a dentist appointment on your own!

    1. Wowww!!! Climbing Kilimanjaro sounds like a big life achievement to me. It’s like putting a tick mark on my bucket list. I’m so proud of you Amy and your determination. Keep achieving more, and yes, making that dentist appointment is a big task, atleast for me. 😉

  2. Totally agree with you here. Life is difficult, challenges keep us focused on what’s important and allow us to grow as human beings. Without setting goals & objectives, we’re basically allowing our brains to turn to dissatisfied mush.

    1. Jess, you have deeply understood the importance of challenges. And, that’s what I want my readers to know that challenges are really important if you want your life on the go! Thanks for reading this.

  3. I really love this. And it’s so true, it’s also apart of what makes us who we are. I wouldn’t be where I am without the tough times and challenges. One of the hardest things I say I’ve done was start a business it’s not as easy or glamorous as it looks but man it is worth it! Thanks for sharing this post

    1. I’m so glad that you took the courage and started your own business. Yes, there will be difficulties, but you get to taste sweet success only after putting so much efforts.

  4. I love this post. Life is hard. We will always be challenged and we will always fail at some point or another, not are entirely essential to life. If we don’t fail or we are not challenged then we are not trying hard enough.

  5. I totally liked your post. Life a gonna be tough sometimes and challenges are going to keep coming one after the other. We need to overcome them and keep improving

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