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The truth behind these inspiring love stories will melt your heart

There are love stories, and then there are inspiring love stories which change the way you think about life. Today I’m going to share three short but very inspiring love stories with you all.

1. The agonizing story of weightlifter Matthias Steiner.


2. A never dying spirit of Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly.


3. The man who moved a mountain, literally- Dashrath Manjhi.


Love is not about the fairytale stuff all the time. It can be found in the small things we do. Such inspiring love stories helps us tackle life with more spirit and confidence.

Do you know any such inspiring love stories? How has love changed you as a person? Please share your short stories in the comments. Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

14 thoughts on “The truth behind these inspiring love stories will melt your heart

  1. These stories are so beautiful!
    Love has changed me for the better. My husband has taught me how to be selfless, he’s taught me that forgiveness is better than holding on to things, and that it feels so good to do for others!

    1. I’m glad you liked these stories, Essie. You’re very lucky to have such an amazing life partner. Stay happy, always. 🙂

  2. So inspiring! I think true love comes to the surface when we are faced with hard times. When everything is roses and champagne, is easy to be in love, but when life tests us, we can tell what real love is!

    1. So true, Adela. Love is not always a fairytale. It’s more of facing and overcoming challenges, holding on & never letting go.

  3. I am reminded of a story that was recently made into a Bollywood movie about a man (Dashrath Maajhi, the mountain man) who carved a path through a hill using a hammer so people wouldn’t have to scale the hill to go to the other side of it. He chose to do this after his wife fell and died while trying to scale it. It took him 23 years to complete the job but he did it anyway.

    There’s a reason stories of true love transcends all boundaries. These stories are such examples of that. Thanks for sharing.

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