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Do you know what you need to do today?

Hey, did you check that meme your friend tagged you on? Wanna know which celebrity got in a fight today? Did you update what you’re eating for lunch today on social media? Did you cross level 100 on Candy Crush yet? 😐

I hope you guessed what I’m trying to draw your attention to- TIME. Is your social status really more important than your valuable time? Why are you looking for love and acceptance in the void? Many a times, we often tell this to ourselves- “Wish I had some more time! I could have done so much”. But I hope you’ll agree with me when I say- We all have the same amount of time in a day. Within this limited time, we have to sleep, eat healthy, exercise, make time for family, try to make a living, compliment your boss for that ugly shirt. 😆

Time moves slowly, but passes quickly.

Still, it always appears as if there is never enough time to get everything done. My advice- Stop lying to yourself. Because the situation only gets worse if you keep postponing, and you know that very well. The best and the funniest example would be when you’re sleeping and you’ve to get up to pee. I don’t think I need to explain it any further. 😀 Anyways, focusing to our main discussion, not having enough time is just a perception. Manage your energy with your time and you’ll have enough time.

Time flies but You’re the Pilot.

How many of you have used the phrase- ‘I’m busy’? Many of us. Ok, now let me reform the question- How many of you have misused the phrase- ‘I’m busy’? I guess, all of us. Can we all stop bluffing like we have no control over time? A friend asks you to join him to watch the latest movie this weekend. What do you respond- “Nah. I’m busy.” The credit card company calls you about some offer. Your instant reply is “I’m busy. I don’t have time for this now”. I understand you’re reeeeeeally super busy, completely engaged in your to-do list. You wake up by 6 am, eat some light breakfast and hit the gym; or just take a shower and head to work, put in your 7-8 hours, commute back home, stop by at the grocery store, Dinner by 9. And in the bed by 11. Oh boy! I assume most of us would interpret the above explanation as ‘being busy’. Think again! Can’t we be a little more adjustable with our timetable? I mean, we have weekends, right? No matter how much “free time” we get, we still appear to be busy. I might have only 4-5 things planned for my day while you might have a million things to do in the same day; but we both can still argue over who’s busier. The truth here is that we both are equally busy because we both have time to spend. You can be “busy” working on a single project for the entire week. You can be “busy” raising your kid. You can also be “busy” watching all 10 seasons of Friends in one weekend. 😎

It’s your life; it’s your sacred time. You make a choice on how to spend it. You choose- send that important email or binge watch something from Netflix; surf the web endlessly or call mom. Time is not going to stop for anyone. Every second that is ticking away is a moment which you and I’ll never have again. And this is a very basic truth that you should repeatedly tell yourself-

You only have so much time.

Dear friends, by the time we realize, we won’t have any time left, to do the things we should be doing at this very moment. You know why? Because we aren’t getting any younger. Yes, I’m being extremely honest, but this is the fact- We all are getting older by the second. The sands of time are running and they run faster near the end. But hey, don’t be depressed about it. Instead empower yourself to take charge of your life. Make your own schedule and stay productive.

If you’re still thinking how am I going to manage everything? Here are some of my tips for you to get started-

  • Plan what you need to do today– Make a plan of things that you want to accomplish. Write things down-maybe only the top 4-5 tasks that you need to finish in one day. Don’t make the list too long for a day. Divide it evenly throughout the span of a week or a month. I’m sure you’ll soon see yourself marking many ticks as COMPLETED.
  • Put a time limit for every task– If you find a particular task taking too much of your time, then try setting a time limit for finishing it.
  • Put up some inspiring quotes on your workplace (click here for some inspiring quotes)- Quotes help you get through your work, especially in the morning or just when you’re about to start. I’ve personally designed my mouse pad and pen stand with my favorite inspiring quotes and it really helps me to stay focused.

You only have so much time in your hands. Be more productive and effective. It is not rocket science. What you allow is what will continue. Make it a habit of getting things done on time and your life will change for better.

Where do you find yourself wasting most of your time? How do you manage your time when you’re crazy busy? Please share your short stories in the comments. Come back soon to read my next article or subscribe to get it delivered directly in your inbox. Bookmark this page to save time in searching again. Have a nice day ahead.

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