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25 Free Time Activity Ideas

Not many people have the luxury for leisure time but if you’re struggling to look for ideas to spend your free time? Here’s my list of 25 free time activity ideas catering to almost everyone’s time-

  1. Check out your favorite blogs.
  2. Backup your photos/files.
  3. Try gardening.
  4. Take up painting or drawing as a hobby.
  5. Build/ Boost your career.
  6. Learn to meditate.
  7. Sharpen your brain with word and number puzzles.
  8. Write poetry or a song on your own.
  9. Learn to play an instrument.
  10. Learn new card/magic tricks.
  11. Play chess.
  12. Listen to a TED talk.
  13. Set some new goals.
  14. Read inspiring/ motivating quotes.
  15. Look out for events nearby.
  16. Help children to use internet wisely.
  17. Look up ideas to play in your next party.
  18. Go to aquarium/ museum/ art gallery.
  19. Stay updated with the latest news and current affairs.
  20. Trim your hair on your own.
  21. Visit a family member or a friend.
  22. Offer freelance service.
  23. Iron your clothes.
  24. Check/Monitor your budget.
  25. Do nothing at all. Simply take some rest.

TIME TO RECHARGE!! This is my de-stressing guide. Basically, if you’re doing any activity in your free time, make sure it is beneficial for your physical, mental and social health. Let me know in the comments what kind of activities do you like to do most in your spare time or if you have any activity of your own which I haven’t mentioned; just comment below and I will update this list.

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28 thoughts on “25 Free Time Activity Ideas

  1. This is such an awesome list. i do read blogs for fun and I play chess. I think it is time to learn new things or perhaps do something that I never did before. I love your bog btw! 😀 I am so glad to come across it 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this list Priya 🙂

    1. Do try something new. You never know what good is waiting for you. Let me know if you tried anything from this list or something completely different.

  2. These are all such great ideas and many work well as fantastic forms of relaxing self care ^^. Double win! I especially adore that you share the importance of relaxing and doing nothing sometimes. We all need that every now and again 😁.

    1. For all that we go through the entire day, I think at times we need to isolate and just relax and do nothing. Works for me as a stress buster.

  3. Great list! I’ve really taken to #7 recently, and I’ve even gone a step further to make my own puzzles. I use Crossword Hobbyist and My Word Search to make my own crosswords and word searches, although I’m still on the hunt for a good Sudoku maker.

  4. What I love to do is to read travel blogs and find inspiration for my travels. Other then that, I love to edit my bucket list. I don’t know if you can call it a bucket list when there are over hundred items to cross off. Also, each day I listen 1 hour to motivational podcast and speeches. To me, It’s way better than reading those quotes itself, because you can do it more passive haha.

    1. It’s so good to know how productively you spend your time. I wish people take some inspiration from you, Jonas.

  5. I love your list of free time activities (except for the ironing part LOL). There are a lot of free things in the summer also (concerts in the park, movies in parks or on the beach) which makes it fun as well!

  6. To be completely honest, every one of us had free time)whether we care to admit it or not). It’s often how we choose to spend that time that defines us. Thanks for encouraging us to spend it doing productive and inspiring things. 😀

    1. I’m glad you understood the real motive of this post. Yes, all we have to do is spend time productively, because we only have so much time.

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